Why choose Invisalign

‘Peace begins with the smile’ is true when you are at peace you smile and for a bright smile, it is necessary to keep all your dental problems at bay that helps to bring the confidence and allows a broad smile.

Many of the dental problems are solved through Invisalign. But the question is Why choose Invisalign? If you face the problem of overbite, underbite, crossbites, overcrowding, gaps between the teeth, and misshapen teeth then you need to get treated with Invisalign.

We always wish to have straighter teeth and a bright & infectious smile naturally but it doesn’t always happen and then our orthodontist got a way out of it by having the traditional braces but we do even know that traditional braces are way difficult to handle that would put us in the socially awkward situations.

Bearing the pain of the wires & brackets to following the diet many of the problems came up with these braces. Invisalign clear aligners are the solution to all these problems.

lingual braces

Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign is an innovative treatment that aligns the teeth faster. Invisalign is convenient, easily removable, and transparent that makes them virtually invisible. They complete all the process of the braces but without any restrictions as it custom-made for your teeth and you don’t need wires and brackets. Clear Aligners helps to shift teeth little by little into the perfect place where they are supposed to be.

Reasons to choose Invisalign are:

1. Easy to clean: With Invisalign, it is easy to clean as they can be removed and you don’t have to worry about brushing between brackets and wires or flossing and can follow the normal routine that protects the oral health. Whereas with braces, it becomes difficult to give the teeth a good cleaning as food gets stuck in the areas which are harder to reach which leads to poor dental hygiene.

2. Food Restrictions: No need to restrict your food as you can easily take aligners off your teeth with Invisalign and that allows you to eat without damaging them. With braces, orthodontist suggests the patients not to eat certain foods and they ignore the instruction and end up damaging the wires or brackets.

3. Comfort: Invisalign is much more comfortable compared to the traditional braces as it doesn’t have sharp edges which can irritate the cheeks the edges are smooth. With Invisalign, you are given multiple sets to change every two weeks and it always adjusted from the previous one. Braces are to be tightened and the brackets have sharp edges.

4. Invisible: Invisalign aligners are made up clear plastic which is invisible while you smile and Invisalign offers the same results as braces without being noticeable whereas braces are unattractive and everyone notices it when you smile.

5. Few sittings: With Invisalign, you are given multiple sets that can be changed on their own though they need to go for the routine check-up to check the progress. Braces on the other hand require to visit multiple times to tighten the wires that are every 4 to 8 weeks.

6. Discoloration: Invisaligners are removed while eating food or drinking beverages that avoid the discoloration of the aligners while with braces it may happen sometimes as a patient consumes a lot of sugar or staining foods. Aligners are not mounted to the teeth hence it is easy to clean the teeth thoroughly.

7. Cost-effective: Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is covered with dental insurance policies and that makes -it easier to make payment and is affordable.

8. Aesthetics: Invisalign is practically invisible which makes them non-existent and can remove them completely is the bonus over the traditional braces and one of the major reasons why people choose Invisalign.

9. Healthy teeth & gums: Swollen & red gums are the result of having crowded teeth or widely spaced and they bring the sign of periodontal disease. Here comes Invisalign, the comfortable, clear aligners gently and gradually move the teeth to the proper place without wires or brackets. Hence when teeth are aligned in place gums fit securely around the teeth and allows strong & healthy defense against periodontal problems.

10. Overall Health: Your teeth, gums, and smile define your health. Bacteria cause the teeth to decay, gum diseases, mouth sores, bleeding gums, bad breath, and possible tooth loss, and these oral infections can lead to serious ailments such as diabetes, stroke, pneumonia, and heart diseases as described by the (American Dental Association).

invisible lingual braces
woman showing invisible lingual braces on dental mirror

Improper bites, jaw problems, speech, chewing difficulties, and tooth enamel are the other problems that is been faced by the patients. Invisalign clear aligners make oral hygiene easier when the straightening of the teeth is done. Invisalign even helps to solve all the orthodontic issues and increases the life of oral health.

How Invisalign works?

Invisalign is a step by step process wherein after the consultation you get the 3d scan of the teeth as Invisalign is completely customed to your mouth. After taking the scan it is used for digital planning.

• Once these aligners are received, they are to be worn throughout the day but you can remove it for brushing, flossing, cleaning, eating, and for drinking beverages purposes.

• Aligners change and checkups are held every eight to ten weeks to check your teeth start progressively moving as the weeks pass on and to ensure Invisalign is fitting properly.

After completing the aligners treatment next step will be to set up the retainers for ensuring your teeth don’t move once they are flawlessly set.

It becomes very much necessary to select the right & appropriate method to solve all the oral problems. Invisalign is considered as the easiest & the flawless method to get the proper oral health and the right smile.

To get the best Invisalign treatment, Invisible braces headed by Dr. Kothari with the experience of 18 years in the invisible orthodontics and the first diamond Invisalign provider in west India is a perfect go-to place to regain the confidence and the perfect smile.


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