Is dental implants good for ?

Is dental implants good for ?


If you just got a tooth extraction done or are currently experiencing tooth loss due to any given reason, then you might consider undergoing a corrective dental treatment or procedure.

Not sure which dental treatment is right for you?

Invisible Braces clinic is the best dental clinic in Mumbai for helping you make the right choice. Our dentists will provide you with many cosmetic dentistry options for different teeth issues. But the only and the best dental treatment for repairing tooth loss is dental implants.

How will I know whether or not dental implants are good for me? Am I the right candidate for this treatment? Will my oral health get affected after I undergo this treatment? Is dental implant a problem?

With so many questions in your mind, you might want to reconsider going in for it. But after consulting with us, you will get an answer to all your questions and even get mentally prepared to undergo it.

Dental implants are a corrective cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps replace missing teeth/teeth that you might have lost due to reasons like accidents, injuries, etc. By getting these implants, you will help yourself get a brand new smile, something that won’t be possible without them.

Our dentists will assess your mouth and discuss your oral health. This will help them determine if you are fit enough or the right candidate for the dental implant procedure.

Having sufficient bone in the jaw is required to support the tooth root implant. If not, then a whole new procedure called bone grafting is needed to repair the bone and make it in a way where it fuses and becomes strong enough to support the implant.

To avoid that, the patient needs to have healthy gum tissues without any possible signs of tooth decay or periodontal/gum disease. These two factors could hamper the natural process and the need to do bone grafting will arise.

Suppose you do have any kind of periodontal/gum disease or even show any visible signs of it (these include having bleeding, red, swollen, or even tender gums), the dentist will first advise you to get treated for it. You can either get treated at our best clinic in Mumbai or even visit a periodontist aka a dental specialist who focuses on gum treatment.

Having strong and healthy gums is the foremost and vital point before becoming eligible as a great candidate to undergo a dental implants procedure.

As mentioned earlier, having a good strong jawbone is of utmost importance and the main characteristic for getting dental implants. once the implant is fitted, a good and strong jaw structure helps to provide support to the implant. If not strong enough to provide support by the jawbone, it tends to wear off and loosen itself during movements like chewing.

This is how the implant works to fill in and replace missing teeth.

In short, there are two very important points that you need to know as well as will be instructed by your dentist that while getting dental implants, you need to be:

  • A good candidate who is dedicated to oral hygiene.
  • A candidate who has a strong jawbone.

Suppose you want to undergo a dental implants procedure but have been told that your oral health isn’t fit enough to get the implants, you needn’t worry. It is never too late to correct your current condition.

To obtain good oral health once again, your dentist will advise you to start brushing more often, flossing, and even using a well-branded mouthwash to rinse your mouth often, especially after a meal. This helps to take out and eliminate any remaining plaque in the mouth making it infection-free for dental implants procedure.

Every candidate needs to make it a habit to visit their dentist at least twice a year or once every 6months to make sure their oral health care is in top condition. Making it a routine checkup is good for your overall oral hygiene.

To get this cosmetic dentistry procedure, after your dentist has evaluated your oral health, you will have options placed before you as to which dental implants you need depending on your requirement. It can be either:

  1. One implant and one crown to replace a single missing tooth.
  2. Implant-supported bridges to replace several damaged or missing teeth.
  3. Implant-supported full bridge/full denture to replace all missing or damaged teeth.

Still, contemplating on whether you need dental implants?

Have a word and get your questions answered as you hop into, what is regarded as the best dental clinic in Mumbai, to consult with us about getting the best dental implants.

We invite you to come and meet our extremely friendly and highly experienced dentists like Dr. Jignesh Kothari at Invisible Braces dental clinic in Mumbai, India.


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