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Cosmetic Dentistry Centre in Mumbai

Since the year 1973, in Santacruz area located in Mumbai city, renowned and best cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai, Dr. Kothari has a clinical center that deals in cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and dental implants in Mumbai  It includes procedures like clear braces that have been deemed best in the entire city.

Our motto is to decrease any sort of invasiveness to a complete zero level in all our dental procedures which help increase results thus enabling our patients to attain the smile they have always desired with such cosmetic dentistry processes that even incorporate teeth whitening and re-contouring. Dr. Kothari uses the finest dental products in the industry at the most reasonable prices.

Best Celebrity Dentist in Mumbai

As far as the quality of dentists is considered, Dr. Kothari is regarded as the best celebrity dentist in cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai. He has been successful and was placed to design beautiful smiles for participants on the Femina miss India panel.

To add to his success stories, he has also helped plenty of celebrities and treated them for various kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures over the years.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In these present times, cosmetic dentistry puts forward an uncommon and unusual experience with a touch of modernity in its innovations thus helping widen the start-up of state-of-the-art chances and possibilities which were unimaginable once upon a time.

Nowadays, cosmetic enhancements are possible because of cosmetic dentistry that will meet all your needs at an appropriate level matching your comfort.  Cosmetic dentistry has a wide range of options that commences from an effortless adjustment of your teeth to a more precise smile makeover.

Smile Makeover

When one has a beautiful smile, he/she have a plethora of advantages in life. But what exactly is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is the entire reconstruction of teeth that makes use of different cosmetic dentistry procedures that help change the overall outward look of one’s smile.

Smile makeovers have helped in:

  • Successful progress in finding jobs and building careers
  • Caused an improvement in one’s self-esteem plus confidence
  • Helped to find suitable life partners

We make sure that our smile makeovers suit every budget, style and manner/type for our patients. We are here to assist you on achieving your desired and most deserved smile.

Do have a chat with us as to how cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai works with a touch of modernity and innovation that can come to your aid today!

Importance Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The worth of cosmetic dentistry is invaluable. The following statistics show why:

  1. People lack confidence to show their teeth and smile for photographs – 76%
  2. People judge other people just by looking at their smile – 48%
  3. The thought that people have regarding cosmetic dentistry is purely of a psychological nature – 77%
  4. That cosmetic dentistry helps on a romantic level – 67%

People get smile makeovers for the above mentioned reasons. But the first question that always pops up when you come for one is, “what is it that makes you unhappy about your smile?” And as you clearly answer, the dentist will have a direct idea so as to improve on those particular areas of your teeth only.

What does a smile makeover include?

A smile makeover consists of:

  • Your teeth may get some discoloration as you age or even because of what you eat and drink. This can be quite a great hindrance to your overall smile. A makeover helps enhance its appearance as teeth whitening’s main use is help whiten and improvise teeth color that are stained. If a specialized treatment is required, the dentist will ask to go in for veneers, crowns or even implants but that’s only if it becomes necessary.


  • Misalignment of teeth embarrasses oneself from smiling widely. With the latest innovative cosmetic dentistry technique called Invisalign, such teeth can easily be brought in line.


  • Gaps also cause problems of alignment. Hence, spacing them out is done via different cosmetic dentistry solutions.


  • Missing teeth are a cause for concern when it comes to one’s smile. Dental implants and bridges are the main cosmetic dentistry procedures that will help fill in for absent teeth.


  • Veneers or lumineers are a type of cosmetic dentistry that will help correct chipped, cracked, broken, damaged or irregular teeth by cosmetically bonding them together.


  • As far as length of a tooth is concerned, the front teeth you display while smiling that don’t have the same length, will look funny and lead to embarrassment (commonly ridiculed as bunny teeth). For such teeth, reshaping and lengthening of the two main incisors (central) is done by composite bonding or porcelain veneers.


  • When you have a balanced smile, it reflects on your appearance and overall oral health. For proper tooth proportions, a treatment plan is created to enhance your teeth’s esthetical needs that will help you obtain a balanced smile row.

Smile Makeover Treatment

It all starts with a proper makeover treatment plan which your dentist will design as per your needs and wants. But prior to that, the first aspect that needs checking is your dental health. Your teeth have to be in good and healthy conditions if a makeover is to be carried out. There is no singular set of regulations for a smile makeover.

Any cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai procedure carried out involves customization catered to individual preferences and situations. The dentist will scrutinize different parts of your mouth like your teeth, gums, jaws and adjoining support bone composition along with your bite power (occlusion). This will make the picture clearer for him to draw a conclusion whether or not you are eligible applicant for the required cosmetic dentistry for smile makeover.

Do not hide any past dental health issues you faced prior to receiving your smile makeover. You will require to address them to your dentist to avoid future complications.

We shall be able to discuss feasible chances for you at your clinical consultation.

Because you look good, you will definitely feel great.

The choice is entirely yours.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ's

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is usually a term used for dental procedures that help him improving the smile and bite of a person in terms of shape, size, colour, and functional aspects of teeth, for achieving a near to ideal smile with healthier gums and improved functional qualities of teeth.

What are the Cosmetic dentistry procedures in Mumbai?

• Orthodontic procedures that improve the bite, smile and overall functioning of teeth including all kinds of braces that is a. Fixed – metal Ceramic b. Removable – Invisible Clear aligners known as Invisalign • Restorative procedures that improve the smile in terms of colour, shape and size of teeth and these include a. Veneers (partial restorations) – Direct veneers Indirect veneers b. Full thickness crowns • Teeth whitening procedure that improves the colour of the teeth.

Is Dr Jignesh Kothari a certified Cosmetic dentistry service provider?

Yes, Dr Jignesh Kothari is a certified Cosmetic Dentistry service provider and all the cosmetic procedures are performed by him and his wife and colleague Dr Hetal Kothari with great efficiency and perfection.

What is the cost of Cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai?

There are various aspects in Cosmetic dentistry that come in together depending on the various cases, however cost for each procedure would range as follows: • Orthodontic procedures --- 70,000/- onwards • Veneers --- 2500/- onwards • Full thickness crowns --- 12000/- onwards • Teeth whitening procedures --- 12,000/- onwards