What defines cosmetic dentistry?

What Defines Cosmetic Dentistry?


There is no one on this earth who doesn’t want to have a lovely smile with a set of perfect teeth. When you have an amazing smile, your confidence and self-esteem are boosted making you more successful helping you gain a positive approach towards life. But how can you achieve this confident smile? The answer to that lies with cosmetic dentistry.


The best cosmetic dentistry in Mumbai is provided by Invisible Braces clinic, in Santacruz.


Headed by Dr. Jignesh Kothari and his team, this is the best clinic in Mumbai city that uses the latest innovative methods coupled with cosmetic dentistry techniques to provide our patients with the finest dental techniques that make use of such dentistry in the world today.


What defines cosmetic dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry is defined as a collection of dental processes that aid to improve smiles and bite of an individual considering the features and functions performed by the teeth to achieve a perfect smile with an improvement its functional aspect with a healthy set of gums.


Dental flaws like crooked or missing teeth or teeth that are stained lead to bouts of embarrassment which makes people hide their smile nor smile properly. They feel insecure and shy to smile widely. Such flaws can be corrected with the help of cosmetic dentistry that improves overall appearance.


Our main goal at Invisible Braces is to help our patients create smiles that are:

  • Admirable
  • Natural
  • Healthy
  • Lifelong
  • Secure


Cosmetic dentistry consists of a range of treatments that solves all teeth-related problems with an extensive approach to help you gain the perfect smile you’ve always wished for. But it depends on individual requirements. At times, you may require just a single or a combination of two cosmetic dentistry treatments to achieve that smile.


Looking for a dentist who is an ace in this field?

You’ve come to the right place. Our Dr. Jignesh Kothari, an orthodontist, and leading dentist is an esteemed and well-known best celebrity dentist in Mumbai. To add to his credentials, he has successfully treated many celebrities for different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures over many years.

He engages in the treatment of different cosmetic dentistry procedures like clear aligners, the new innovative technique of Invisalign using 5D scanners, enabling power smiles and treatment for ceramic braces.


His clinic is also famous (if you look it up online) for being two important sections of the cosmetic dentistry field namely:


Lingual technique center in Mumbai and Dental implant center in Mumbai.


Read about both these centers below in detail.


Lingual technique center in Mumbai


Now you can achieve the desired smile at any age with a lingual technique at our very own center in Mumbai. The main advantage of this technique is that the braces are fitted towards the tongue side so they are not seen.


You will be informed about every detail of different treatment options that are available that will help you take away any doubts you have regarding this technique. Many adults are opting for this technique for the past 10years and it is wrong to say that braces are meant for kids only.


The same way braces help in shifting teeth to the right place for kids, the same works even for adults.


The only difference that stands out is that the same treatment approach won’t work for kids and adults alike. This is due to requirements and needs that will differ.


Keeping age aside, we use this orthodontic treatment to give you that smile you’ve always dreamed of.


We make your smile by using our lingual system which is:


Fast, Predictable, and Comfortable in the world.


What’s so different about the lingual system of braces?

That it takes away the major blockage created by ceramic or metal braces. But how? Because they are fixed and applied towards the back of the teeth, allowing one to smile without embarrassment.


We allow visual planning of the application beforehand during the consultation. This helps with proper viewing since it’s difficult to see behind the teeth.


Brackets are positioned in an accurate manner onto every tooth. It is done carefully because each tooth is different with a different surface. Hence, visual planning comes into use to easy access. It is done via an elastomeric transfer within a few minutes.


We make you aware that during the adaptation period, every patient will have different experiences. Discomfort and sensitivity vary from patient to patient. But our protection materials will help you minimize these.


This technique takes a lot of planning, working, immense skills, and training along with experience which makes it an expensive technique in comparison to other braces.


Dental implant center in Mumbai


Our clinic specializes in dental implants which is a major branch of cosmetic dentistry.


We perform the replacement of teeth successfully with implants for a single or plenty of teeth. You can access our dental implants services at our center in Mumbai.


Find us easily in a limited time (3-5days) with high-quality standards and sterilization.


We specialize in providing dental implants that support the restoration of teeth within a limited time with an advanced system of implants rather than a conventional system.


But why do we call our clinic a dental implant center?


We do so because, under the guidance of Dr. Jignesh Kothari, his team performs implant surgery with precision, patience and dedication. We have successfully placed plenty of implants.


We have treated cases where there was a necessity for bone grafting and reconstruction with imported technology.


Affordable costs and quick surgery time.


With the best dental implant services provided by us, we are regarded as a top dental implant center in Mumbai.


With all these different cosmetic dentistry treatments provided by us, and being the best centers for lingual techniques and dental implants along with other treatments, Invisible Braces clinic is the perfect solution to all your teeth issues.




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