Journey of Dr Jignesh kothari

Journey of Dr. Jignesh Kothari.


A celebrity dentist is someone who specifically treats celebrities for different cosmetic dentistry treatments.

But at the Center for Advanced Dentistry and Invisible Braces, the best dental clinic in Mumbai, one can get services by a celebrity dentist as well an orthodontist by the leader of the team, the ever famous Dr. Jignesh Kothari.

Dr. Jignesh Kothari heads the center of dentistry and advanced cosmetic dentistry and has been progressing in this field since 47years now with experience in advanced dental care. His wife, Dr. Hetal Kothari has been in the picture too since a very long time. This wonder dental couple have been providing services since 1973. Their services are not only defined to a single section of society but caters to kids, teens, adults, senior citizens and celebrities.

With over 18years of experience in Invisible orthodontics, in the entire western region of India, Dr. Jignesh is the first Diamond Invisalign provider, having treated over 300 patients for this advanced cosmetic dentistry procedure. To add to his list of services, he has he worked at CDC-Center for Advanced Dentistry & Invisible Braces from the years 2002 to 2015.

The journey of Dr. Jignesh Kothari in the dental industry began way back when he topped the University of Mumbai in all of the BDS Degree Examinations right from his first year to his final year. Colgate awarded him with the Palmolive Special Certificate of Honor for his excellency in the examinations.

He was also placed on the Miss Femina India panel in order to treat participants for achieving the perfect smiles.

Being a practicing orthodontist in Mumbai since years, he is a leading figure in the field of Invisalign. With being a key opinion leader and a provider of Invisalign in whole of India since 2012, Doctor is the first orthodontist from India whose case is accepted in the International Invisalign Gallery. This shows that doctor is an imminent figure on both, the national and the international fronts in the Invisalign field.

Doctor’s entire journey from the start is very evident as his hard work and true passion has paid off in the dentistry field. He is currently a member of the Indian Orthodontic Society, the American Association of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO).  Besides, he provides extra services like Impacted Tooth Extraction, Smile Design, Thineers, Gum Disease Treatment/ Surgery etc.

At present, Dr. Jignesh has a team of professional dentists working under him to treat patients for cosmetic dentistry treatments and other regular dental procedures. Their celebrity dental services consist of a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, popular among the high-end clients.

Dr. has been successful in treating celebrities over the years. That’s exactly why he is also known as a cosmetic dentist.

On a different note, he has and still continues to impart his dentistry knowledge to fellow orthodontists about art and science of invisible/lingual orthodontics. He educates them regularly by courses on a national and an international level. He also guides and conducts workshops and study clubs for upcoming orthodontists on the Invisalign system along with treatments.

Dr. Kothari has been recognized for achieving the following:

  • Dental materials – 1994
  • Oral pathology – 1996
  • Orthodontics, Conservative dentistry, Prosthetics, Oral surgery – 1997

He is supposedly the only Indian doctor to become a titular member in the European society of lingual orthodontics (ESLO). He is trained quite intensively in invisible orthodontics technique on a worldwide platform with the team of leading lingual practitioners. In 2007-09, he developed India’s first ribbon arch stock bracket system which in 2011 merged with a digital work flow including cutting edge technology by using 3D scanners, a software driven treatment planning and CAD CAM manufacturing of India’s first customized lingual orthodontic appliance, the Ilingual 3D. This was one of his greatest milestones earned. He is also one of the first users of the customized Insignia system from Ormco.

In the recent times, due to his advancement in technology, doctor also decided to take his consultation to another level by engaging in e-consultations using online platforms. He helps patients online on video calls on Zoom.

He has also been successful in providing dental services to those residing in faraway places and even abroad.

In Mumbai city, at Invisible Braces best dental clinic, you can undergo the best cosmetic dentistry methods. Under the guidance of Dr. Jignesh Kothari, each treatment is available to improve your dental health and to get a better smile for your overall appearance.

One needn’t look elsewhere if they have an extreme professional and the famous celebrity dentist in Mumbai, like Dr. Jignesh Kothari works on their case and treats them.


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