Invisible braces guide

Wearing a Perfect Smile


The first thing we notice about a person’s face is their smile. While talking to them we obviously look into their eyes, but their smile just cannot go unnoticed. This goes to show how important is one’s smile in daily life.

We all are very self-conscious about our smiles. It is a straight up fact that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. However, if they are not aligned in the right manner, it could lead to embarrassment and lowering of one’s self-esteem. And this will affect your confidence.

With crowded teeth and no proper spacing between them, it can also have its effect on one’s oral health.

What are the issues that emerge if one has misaligned teeth?

Having badly aligned teeth paves way for many oral issues like chewing problems, bit issues, speech impediments, difficult to brush and floss and higher chances of developing plaque.

There are plenty of options available for teeth alignment like dental implants, ceramic braces, etc. but thanks to modern technology. Previously, metal braces looked like the only option to align teeth. But now options that are a milder version of the traditional or metal braces have emerged that help to align teeth in the right style by changing the overall appearance and position of the teeth.

The best way to get your teeth aligned is to undergo a non-invasive and comfortable treatment which goes by the name –Invisible Braces or clear aligners.

This blog is like a guide to knowing more about Invisible Braces/Invisalign and its process.

When it comes to such braces, it gives a whole new meaning to the entire functionality of how braces work.

Invisible braces are a new dental technique for aligning teeth. It has been gaining popularity ever since orthodontists started propagating about its advantages. The benefits of invisible braces outweigh the benefits that any other dental treatment can provide.

One can understand by the term invisible that these braces are completely invisible to the eye. It is like only the person who is wearing it knows while no one else can see him wearing any clear braces. It does not draw unwanted attention, which is the best feature of these braces.

It fixes any alignment issue and is completely removable. They are clear trays that are designed as per your teeth measurements that your orthodontist takes when you are ready for the treatment.

In short, they are custom-made to your requirements. With each of these trays differently shaped in a sequential manner, they gradually shift your teeth and move it into the required position, eventually shifting them into the final position.

All invisible braces need to compulsorily be worn for 20-22hours daily. By doing so, you will not only achieve results faster but also aid in decreasing the length of time required for this cosmetic dentistry treatment.

How long will this treatment take me to achieve full results?

The answer to that is simple. The more regularly you wear the braces, the faster the results appear. It takes a total of 12weeks to a year to completely align the teeth with invisible braces.

But that again depends on how the treatment works for you. In most cases, the procedure of Invisalign really works with full results in a year.

These braces have proven to be greatly beneficial for the patient as they are removable at the patient’s convenience and help in easy cleaning and flossing of teeth. It is something that is impossible with traditional braces.

Unlike metal braces which are not removable, the best part about Invisalign is you have no food restrictions as while eating. Invisible braces keep the patient comfortable and stress-free.

This goes to show that these braces are indeed worth it for one’s health.

With a clear and cautious nature of these braces, more people today are opting for this orthodontic treatment helping to upgrade and improve their confidence and not forgetting, even their oral health.

So why choose Invisalign?

To answer to that in a nutshell, it is highly recommended to do so because:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Invisible
  • Lifetime investment
  • Clinically proven
  • Fit into your daily routine

With absolutely zero discomfort, no sharp edges to cut your sides and not much effort to put in daily, invisible braces are the right option for anyone and everyone who need teeth alignment.

As of today, it is regarded as the winning cosmetic dentistry treatment option amongst all.


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