Invisalign with Invisible braces

Invisalign with Invisible braces

Very few people on this planet have a perfect set of teeth and the rest of them are required to get it corrected with the help of braces. Earlier there was only an option of traditional braces but today with advanced dentistry, multiple options are available and the most opted one is Invisible Braces.

Invisalign treatment is truly outstanding to solve the issues of overcrowding, gaps between the teeth, deformed teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Invisalign additionally incorporates the dental process of clear aligners, ceramic braces, bonding, crowns, dental implants, teeth veneers, teeth brightening, and bridges.

The Process

As the saying goes – ‘A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear’, we realize that our smile is so important because it not only highlights our face but also adds to the positivity and it holds the power to solve the majority of our problems. A smile always makes a person confident and approachable and you feel at ease as you open up to any conversation. It is like medicine when you feel low or is anxiously making you comfortable even in awkward situations.

Every human being on this planet has a different and unique smile but at the same time, many of them tend to face dental issues that not only affect their smile but also their overall appearance.

Daily in the morning when we wake up, the first thing we all do is brush our teeth. This is the first step to maintaining personal hygiene. If we fail to do so, it leads to many oral problems like cavities, bad breath, tooth decay, gum problems, teeth sensitivity which can further lead to oral cancer. That is the reason, a lot of stress is put on maintaining proper dental health and hygiene.

In today’s day and age, technology has made vast progress in all fields of life. This also includes the field of dentistry. An orthodontist provides regular and complete dental treatment and service plus health tips for you to maintain that beautiful smile.

‘Invisible Braces’ – the best dental clinic in Mumbai, has solutions to all your problems. They consist of a professional team led by Dr. Jignesh Kothari, called the clear aligners in Mumbai as they offer a complete range of aesthetic orthodontic and advance cosmetic dentistry procedures. You can get treated with aesthetic orthodontic for their advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures that include the following: Invisalign- invisible braces, clear aligners, ceramic braces, bonding, crowns, dental implants, teeth veneers, teeth whitening, and bridges. With the Invisalign procedure, you also get the treatment for gaps between the teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, overcrowding of teeth, and misshapen teeth.

  • Step one is to obtain impressions of the teeth after which a customized treatment plan will be designed.
  • A 3D image is created to figure out different stages of teeth positioning.
  • Step two is to obtain clear plastic aligners of thermoplastic as per the mold of the mouth. They won’t cause any irritation.
  • The next step is for you to wear these aligners 20-22hours daily for better results. Aligners can be removed while eating, brushing, and flossing.
  • Change the aligners every two weeks without going to the orthodontist.
  • Slowly you will see the teeth getting straight and the doctor will focus on moving only certain teeth.
  • Make sure to visit the doctor every 4-6weeks to check your progress and if any changes are needed. A retainer will be required at times, in the end, to keep the teeth in the new position.
  • Maintain good and best hygiene during and even after the treatment. Brush and floss regularly.

Invisalign Facts

Invisindia is the center for Advanced Dentistry and Diamond Invisalign provider. People who need to correct their teeth or for any other dental-related issues can always take the help of an orthodontist.

  • Braces used in this procedure are invisible.
  • Aligner trays are used for shifting and movement of the teeth.
  • The aligners are transparent.
  • 25-40 aligner trays are required to complete this process.
  • This treatment does not require wires or brackets.
  • The trays are flexible and can be taken off easily as they are smooth and comfortable.
  • You are not required to visit your doctor frequently.
  • The timing of the force application is controlled as you only certain teeth are moved at every step.
  • Post-treatment retainers are used to prevent the teeth from shifting to pre-treatment procedure.
  • No pain nor anxiety is involved.
  • There might be slight effects on speech but that is temporary.
  • The speech effect will be solved once the tongue gets used to the aligner in the mouth.
  • This procedure can be carried out at any stage of life.

Invisalign Price

With this process, braces are customized. Hence, the rate of these braces can be relatively higher than the others. This treatment suits teens and adults to align the teeth in a proper position early period. This process is safe, effective, has a lower risk, no side effects, and has a speedy recovery too.

There are factors like how delicate is this case, the time frame of the treatment, and the provider you choose. For the selection of the right treatment and appropriate braces, it is best to take the advice of the orthodontist.

Diamond Invisalign

Dr. Jignesh Kothari has the best dental clinic in Mumbai. Called ‘Invisible Braces’, this clinic offers a range of aesthetic orthodontic and advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures.

He is a Diamond Invisalign Orthodontist at Invisible Braces in Mumbai. But what does Diamond Invisalign Orthodontist mean?

The Invisalign process offers 4 designations to its providers. They are – Preferred, Premier, Premier Elite, and Diamond. This offer is based only on the patients the orthodontist has treated with the Invisalign procedure.

The meaning of Diamond Invisalign or Diamond status is when an orthodontist sees 280-399 patients every year for Invisalign. With this Diamond status, a patient has the confidence that the doctor is highly professional at providing this particular treatment.


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