How to search a good dental clinic with an experienced dentist?

How to search a good dental clinic with an experienced dentist?


Are you searching for the best dentist in Mumbai? Or have finally decided to undergo Invisalign after much thought but can’t find the best doctor for Invisalign in Mumbai?

Then Invisible Braces dental clinic headed by Invisalign expert, Dr. Jignesh Kothari has its doors open for you.

But if you are staying elsewhere, we have listed tips to help you find the right dentist in your area.

We hope this blog helps you in finding the right dentist for all your dental needs.

It’s true that we all go to the dentist when the need arises, that is only when we suffer from a tooth ache, need a tooth to be removed or maybe need a dental makeover. But let us make you aware that regular dental checkups are a must.

No one has the time to go every week for a checkup but a visit to the dentist every three-six months is a must. It is a part of your personal dental care. It also allows the dentist to check your teeth for any hidden cavities or other issues that you might be unaware of.

But sadly, people don’t dedicate enough time for a dental visit, let alone making it a part of their 6 month routine. And by neglecting this, they don’t realize that they are inviting greater complications that will cost them in the future.

As generally observed, people tend to go to a dentist whom they know personally or to the dentist closest to them location-wise.
But what happens if an emergency arises and you have just shifted to a new location and haven’t been to a dentist at all? You won’t have the time to search for a new one.

To go for regular checkups and in case of emergencies too, it is always advisable to stay informed about a good dentist near you.


So the real question arises, how to find the right dentist near me?


How to search a good dental clinic with an experienced dentist?


Listed below are some ways to stay informed about the right dentist for you, near you:

  • Ask people around you
    Family, friends, relatives or even neighbors can recommend good dentists that they are visiting. You can further ask them about their experience, the clinic’s hospitality and treatment that will help you arrive at a decision. You can also inquire about the dentist’s expertise and charges to be aware about fair pricing to avoid paying heavy bills thereafter. You can even approach your family doctor who will be able to suggest a good and trusted dentist as per his knowledge.
  • Search the internet
    With the advantage of having internet and technology, why not use it to search for a good dentist near you. The search is smooth and easy, providing you with all the necessary information you will need to know. It is quite easy as there are many choices that will pop onto your screen as soon as you hit search, but you need to be careful at the same time. There are many fraudsters out there who will pose as dentists and you may fall for it. Google reviews will help you make a better decision, so read the reviews as well as the ratings given by other patients.
  • Take a chance
    Just step into a dental clinic near to you and take a basic dental treatment like a checkup or scaling/cleaning. By doing this, you will be able to gauge the overall hospitality, probably pricing and even the expertise. It will also help you to understand their level of hygiene, proper conduct, the technology used and follow up services. If you are satisfied with the services, you could make this dentist your go-to one for advanced dental treatments like Invisalign, root canal, braces, dental implants, etc.

You could also recommend your dentist to others who are in the middle of an emergency by giving your valuable feedback. It is useful to keep a good dentist, especially in times of need.

We at Invisible Braces believe that everyone, no matter a child, teen, adult or even senior citizen, who is a patient to us after all, need to have a fixed dentist to go to, not only in emergency cases but also for a regular monthly checkup.

And that’s why we treat all our patients with high moral standards to give them a smile with an amazing set of clean and strong teeth.

Our treatments are priced just right. We ensure the right and the best dental experience for you always.

For any inquiry or to book an appointment, contact Invisible Braces today!

We are happy to assist you with every dental issue and query you have.


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