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‘Nothing you wear is more important than your smile’, and to attain this smile it is you need to solve all the oral health problems. An orthodontist plays an important role in achieving a wonderful smile by treating all dental problems.

Dr. Kothari at Invisible braces is the best orthodontist in Mumbai to get yourself treated for aesthetic orthodontic & advance cosmetic dentistry procedures, Invisalign – such as Invisible braces/lingual braces, clear aligners, ceramic braces, bonding, crowns, dental implants and dental veneers, dental bridges, and dental whitening. Overcrowding, gaps between the teeth, misshapen teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites can also be treated with Invisalign

Invisalign treatments

Clear AlignersClear aligners are the transparent trays made up of special material that helps to straighten the teeth like the braces. Aligners use the constant and gentle force to move the teeth at the required position without the help of wires and brackets as they are custom made for each patient using a digital scan.

Clear aligners always have an advantage over traditional braces. Aligners are virtually invisible, easily removable, easy to maintain oral care, fit smoothly to the teeth, take relatively less time to complete the treatment. Aligners are to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day and 25 -40 sets are required for complete alignment. Aligners can be removed while eating, cleaning, and flossing.

Ceramic BracesCeramic braces are tooth-colored brackets attached to the surface of the teeth with the same color wire and rubber bands that provide more discretion. The time required to get treated with the ceramic braces is the same as traditional braces the only difference is traditional braces are made of metal whereas ceramic braces are made up of ceramic.

Ceramic braces are to be worn 24 hours and less painful to the gums and cheeks are ceramic is not harsh, unlike metal. The ceramic braces brackets are color-matched to the natural teeth, hard to damage, and lasts till the treatment is completed. Ceramic braces don’t stain if proper hygiene and oral care are followed.

Lingual BracesLingual braces are the same as traditional braces but they are fixed to the back of the teeth, on the tongue or the lingual side of the teeth and since they are behind the teeth they are invisible.

Modern lingual braces are completely sophisticated which includes optical impressions, planning of the treatment digitally, and custom-made brackets & archwires. The steps included in lingual braces are:

1. Taking the impressions of the teeth
2. Fabricating the braces
o Treatment plan
o Customized orthodontic brackets
o Applicator tray
3. Attaching the braces to teeth

Placing the brackets

Lingual braces don’t work for children or someone having small teeth and someone with excessive bite problems. Lingual braces can be difficult in comparison to traditional braces because of the position of the lingual that affects the tongue. It is necessary to take proper oral care as food gets easily stuck in the brackets and wires that lead to plaque and decaying of the tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants –Cosmetic Dentistry helps in improving the appearance of teeth, gums, and bite. It focuses on dental aesthetics in color, shape, size, position, alignment, and overall smile appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry is often selected by the celebrities and Dr. Kothari is often recognized as the celebrity dentist in Mumbai for treating celebrities such as
Cosmetic dentistry involves different types such as:

Dental Bonding– With bonding treatment, a tooth-colored resin, which is also durable plastic material is applied to the tooth and toughened with ultraviolet or laser light, and later the teeth are trimmed, shaped, and polished. Bonding helps to repair decayed, chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth.

Dental Veneers– Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored porcelain or resin which covers the front surface of the teeth. Half millimeter of the enamel is removed from the tooth surface and thin shells are cemented to the front of the teeth changing its color, shape, size, or length. It looks natural resolving cracked or damaged enamel issues.

Dental Whitening – Teeth whitening or bleaching the most common procedure which brightens and whitens the teeth from discoloration and staining. Whitening is done when plaque, debris, and tartar occurs, and are they are cleaned from the surface of each teeth giving the natural look. Laser whitening is considered 6 times more effective compared to other whitening processes as gums are covered in this process with the rubber dam and bleaching chemical is applied.

• Dental Crowning – Crown or a cap covers fit over and replaces the decayed or damaged tooth above the gum. It helps to improve the shape, size, appearance, and strength of the teeth that lasts for upto 5 to 15 years. Crowns are usually made of acrylic or porcelain that are infused in the metal to withstand the biting pressure.

• Dental Bridges – Bridges helps to replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are mostly made up of more than 3 teeth in total and cannot be removed as they are fixed. The bridge is made up of abutments and is fixed on the anchoring teeth on either side of the space formed by missing teeth. The average life of the bridge is of 10 years.

Dental Implants –Dental Implants are used to replace single, several, or all teeth and the main advantage is they are supported by the bones and don’t affect the neighboring teeth. Implants don’t shift or slip in the mouth when eating or speaking giving a natural feeling.

Implants are made up of titanium and are shaped as screws and surgically placed into the jawbone and provide stable support to the artificial teeth where the tooth is missing. An important factor while receiving the implants is to have healthy gums and adequate bones that support the implant.

With Invisalign, you can solve all your problems of Clear Aligners, Lingual braces, Ceramic braces, and Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants. Invisalign helps to treat overcrowding, gaps between the teeth, misshapen teeth, overbites, underbites, and crossbites.


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