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5 Treatments at Invisible Braces


When any individual faces a teeth problem, there is always a feeling of anxiety that develops. Thoughts like, is my dental issue very severe? Would I require surgery or root canal? Will it hurt? How much will it cost? start running through their mind.

Why search anywhere else?

When we are termed the best dental clinic in Mumbai for the quality, apt cost with the best clinical, oral hygienic conditions who minimizes discomfort with advanced equipment and care.

Invisible Braces clinic is regarded as the best dental clinic in Mumbai. Under the guidance of Dr. Jignesh Kothari and his team, we offer the best dental services and treatments coupled with the latest technology, techniques, innovation, materials and equipment.
At our hi-tech dental clinic in Mumbai, we offer smooth and top class dental treatments for all sorts of teeth problems. With Dr. Kothari who is an Invisalign expert and globally recognized for his contribution to the Invisalign field, no dental treatment is left undone under his expertise.

Every dental treatment performed by us are carried out by specialized and highly experienced dentists combined with latest technology making us unique from the rest.

With our services that we offer, you get to experience the best dental clinic in Mumbai with ultra-modern dental treatments given by our dentists.

Invisible Braces, a best dental clinic in Mumbai has wide range of dental treatments. But they are well known for their practice in the following top 5 treatments:

  1. Invisible Braces – these braces use the traditional method of fixed braces but with a tooth-colored or clear surface that is almost invisible. They move the teeth into the required position and help straighten teeth, including the toughest of the bite problems and helping resolve crowded teeth.Invisible braces are affordable and discreet. Made from ceramic, the braces have swapped over from metal braces. They blend in easily and don’t require too much effort.
  2. Dental Implants – implants are basically tooth root replacements fused into the jawbone. They act like a strong foundation for missing teeth. These implants are made of titanium or other strong materials. The fusion process called osseointegration into the jawbone takes place over few months. Thereafter, abutment posts are inserted to pave way for permanency of the implants.The duration of this procedure lasts for months. Discomfort is experienced post treatment.
  3. Invisalign – while Invisalign is the main term for it, the secondary term is called clear aligners. This is the latest innovative treatment to align teeth in an orderly manner using custom-made aligners. By wearing the aligners dedicatedly for 20-22hours daily, you will achieve your best smile quickly. Invisalign is discreet and proves great results if worn regularly.You can remove the aligners while eating, brushing and flossing with no hassles. Both adults and teens can choose Invisalign. The process is faster and result are gained quicker. Level of discomfort is rare.
  4. Cosmetic Dentistry – the basic definition of cosmetic dentistry is any treatment that works towards the improvement of teeth appearance rather than functionality. This is with regards to the teeth, gums and bite issues. The treatments are focused primarily only on dental improvements to change the shape, color, look, alignment and overall smile.The treatments might be simple or complicated but they all have the same goal of fixing one’s smile, as per the patient’s requirements.
  5. Lingual Technique – the lingual technique comprises of braces that are closest to invisible braces. Their functionality of straightening teeth is the same as traditional braces, the only difference being that the brackets are fitted behind and not on the front teeth. With the attachment at the back, they aren’t visible at all.Being completely invisible to the eye, the lingual technique is the best for teeth straightening. Custom-made brackets and wires call for more precision and exact movement of teeth. There is no tension of taking these braces out for any reason, making it more beneficial to those who don’t like removal and putting back of braces.

Your visit to our best dental clinic in Mumbai will ensure you are given the best treatments coupled with hygiene taken care of by our specialized dentists.

We take care of all your dental needs by taking notes, consulting with you on a personal level and encountering all the issues you might be facing. We further investigate into your case with careful examinations and screenings which is followed by careful assessment. The last stage will be like a final verdict before we move onto getting prepared for your treatment.

Our team at Dr. Jignesh Kothari’s Clinic, regarded the best dental clinic in Mumbai understands the need and concern of every patient who approaches us for his/her dental treatment.

With our specialized and ethical dental practices, Invisible Braces clinic is the right solution to end all your dental woes.


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