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Invisalign is the #Saferchoice & the #Newnormal

Compared to traditional Wires & braces Invisalign is the #Saferchoice to minimise risk of transmissions. Digital workflows ensure that there are less number of in-mouth procedures involved , do not need regular tightening and no emergencies


01- Treatment undisrupted.

As all aligners come together , hence once given to the patient , monitoring of compliance nd fit can be done remotely through the artificial intelligence based Dental Monitoring software .

02- Removable

So its comfortable with no emergencies .With Invisalign there are no dietary restrictions and u can eat all healthy food to boost up your immunity

03- Less chair time , More convenient

Less emergency visits by patients
Unlike braces where patients have to visit clinic every 3-4 weeks , Invisalign check up schedules are 6-8 weeks apart & may be even more with the remote monitoring .
iInvisalign fees up patients schedules with least visits .

04- Predictability , reliability

75% more predictability with SmartTrack material
Backed by 8 million smiles
Over 22 years of R & D.
USA FDA approved since 1998

05- Oral hygiene and personal safety

Series of aligners are provided at a time and sometimes the full batch , the patients change the aligners as prescribed by the doctor.
The aligners are directly shipped from the manufacturing plant to the doctors office well sealed in sterile bags
Easier to maintain oral hygiene in the process , reducing the risk of dental issues .
No more food stuck in between metal studs and hence better hygiene .

06- What can I eat with Invisalign ?

With Invisalign there are no dietary restrictions and u can eat all healthy food to boost up your immunity . Now teens have the freedom to eat all they want .....


Pioneers in digital orthodontics - Invisalign® with Itero® scanning has always been an end to end digital platform

The current pandemic has highlighted the advantage of digital v/s analog 

Benefits of switching wires and braces patients to digital workflows 

1. Lesser need for physical visits

2. Doctor can access the patient records anywhere

3. Treatment progress can be monitored remotely

4. Complete treatments on time

5. Faster turnaround between patients .

6. Lesser emergencies

7. Digital workflow allows for business continuity .

8. Deliver superior experience . Peace of mind - Priortizes safety  for patients , doctors and clinic staff .