Why invisible braces are important?

Why invisible braces are important?


Many times, dentists face the question- ‘we want a comfortable yet attractive technique to align our teeth’. Previously, dentists did not have a choice than to reply by saying, traditional/metal braces.

But today, dentists are proud to say, ‘the right choice that will suit all your needs is invisible braces’. And at the Invisible Braces center in Mumbai, you can get treated for this cosmetic dentistry technique safely and affordably. And nothing can make a patient happier than that.

The term ‘invisible braces’ is something you have probably never heard of in the earlier days. But today, these very braces are becoming popular.

There is an unlimited want for this modern orthodontic option. Many of your own friends, relatives, colleagues have undergone invisible braces and by looking at its advantages, there is a possibility that even your parents might allow you to opt for it.


What exactly is the deal with invisible braces?


Also known as Invisalign clear aligners, these braces are completely invisible and function differently when compared to metal braces. And this was only because of revolutionary technology and modern materials.

With its ever-increasing popularity, many people today are already seeing and will futuristically see a change they have always dreamed of. That’s what highlights its importance.

But they pose as important for other reasons too.

Invisible braces, also known as clear braces, as one might call them, give you the best of both worlds. Practically you can get your teeth aligned in the perfect manner without making a compromise on your confidence and self-esteem. They also pave the way for improving your overall appearance.

As the name goes, invisible braces are made from soft and transparent plastic making them quite comfortable for the person who is wearing it. As far as the pain factor goes, there is absolutely zero to minimal pain experienced unlike metal / traditional braces. It abolishes the pain of having the metallic wire brackets in your mouth.

Until a few recent years, the only way to align one’s teeth meant having to wear unattractive and unfashionable braces but invisible braces have completely changed it all. It is quite an aesthetic alternative to the former.

Being quite smooth, the person wearing it doesn’t face any issues and can hardly even make out he is actually wearing them.

Invisible aligners are the best solution for teenagers who are image-conscious, working people who have to attend meetings, conferences often, and people who likewise don’t want to grab attention to their ongoing dental treatments. It also a good option for those who travel a lot and who play regular sports.

All that being said, it isn’t just the talking or application of the braces that will work wonders. It is the after-care that counts. Invisible braces/aligners, with regular hours of wearing – approx. 20-22hours a day to be accurate is when the magic will begin to work. Without that, your aligners won’t serve their purpose of aligning your teeth into the desired position.

The two factors that are compromised if your braces wearing time-lapses are the progress of your treatment and the final results. Your orthodontist will do his job of treating you but ultimately it is your part of the job that will make the treatment successful with ideal results.

These braces offer the best solution for teeth alignment in a discreet manner but prove faster and better results than the traditional ones. As they are important, invisible braces advantages plenty:

 Customizable
 Quite invisible
 Permits you to eat anything and everything
 Easier to clean
 Safe and more comfortable
 A vital booster to your self-confidence
 Improves overall oral health
 Suits adults and teens alike
 Fewer visits to the dentist
 No repairs are necessary
 Protects your gums

If you are wondering about whether or not you are an eligible candidate for invisible braces, the only thing you can do is consult your dentist. And Dr. Jignesh Kothari will help you with that. He will determine if invisible braces will suit your oral health or not.

This cosmetic dentistry procedure is quite modern and will help you in the long run. They aren’t quite affordable but are a one-time investment that is super beneficial for one’s health and overall wellbeing for a lifetime.

But note that, although are many reasons one should opt for such braces, these won’t work if extra bridgework is required. Your dentist may suggest another dentistry option to treat your teeth if it’s more complex than usual.

The importance of invisible braces with their advantages alone is enough for one to realize how modern, safe, and unique are its characteristics to help with teeth alignment. We assure you that there isn’t any other dental technique that can compete with invisible braces, well at least not until something more feasible can be discovered in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Now show off that amazing smile in the public with the help of, none other than, the innovative and modern invisible braces.


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