Tips to Raise Kids

With the introduction of the internet and social media that followed, tips on how to raise kids and attend to their needs became a lot easier. But before the internet was even introduced, parents had to face the hard task of raising their kids the right way. But now you easily get tips and solutions just at the click of a button. Parenting has become a lot easier since then than anyone can ever imagine. It helps all mothers and fathers to ace this phase of their life which goes a long way.

Although that may be a positive or a plus point for parents, children equally have their own approach to it. Exposure to the internet has given children plenty of information making it a lot easier for them to adopt a not-so-healthy style of living. With everything available so easily online especially access to ordering junk food, it gives them an upper hand and changes their lifestyle.
However, at these ages, it is quite difficult to seek ways to raise kids who are really concerned about their health and the food choices they make to lead a good and healthy way of life. Their diets need to be taken care of at a young age. Parents should put effort and monitor what their kids eat and provide alternatives that are much healthier than the junk that they actually eat.

Children, especially teenagers need to know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and they need to stay away from such junk food. They need to know the difference between what is actually healthy and what is not. Along with that, children emulate their parents. So it all starts with the parents setting a good example. They need to start leading healthy lives themselves. In this day and age telling kids what to do and you doing something completely opposite won’t work. That is because they watch and learn more than listening and learning.
In today’s generation, many kids tend to be overweight or are obese. The following are some extremely good tips to keep in mind to help raise kids with a healthier lifestyle:

o Eating a healthy breakfast in the mornings.
o Eating more of green vegetables and fruits.
o Consuming plenty of water.
o Eating more whole grains.
o Eat a handful of nuts/dry-fruits daily without fail.
o Consuming milk (mostly no-fat or low-fat) and lower-calorie drinks and beverages.
o Avoiding a lot of sugar and juices.
o Having a variety of foods.
o Serving them more of baked food rather than fried.
o Don’t reward them with sweets and candies often.
o Make snacks for them at home itself.
o Avoid restricting any food.

Their healthy lifestyle can be made better by not only controlling their eating patterns but also the focus should be on:
o More physical activity like running, playing, etc.
o More of playtime and staying active.
o Limit the screen time in a day.
o Indulge in activities like hiking, riding the bicycle when on holidays.
o Take small trips on the weekend with the family.
o Indulge in a regular sport like swimming, gymnastics, tennis, football, etc. and dedicate a fixed time for it.
o Read more books and help them exercise more.

Extra tips to take care are:

o Avoid over-eating.
o Eat only when hungry.
o Maintain a proper timetable to eat and play.
o Eat small portions.
o Taking time to eat slowly and without fussing around.
o Eat with the entire family.
o Avoid looking at screens while eating.

Try and make snacks for them that are healthy and also try to make their favorite junk food at home in a healthy way. For example, if they love French fries from outside, you could make the fries at home and instead of frying them, you could bake it for them. Small steps like these will help them in the long run.

You could start off by making a chart of all the foods they need to eat with the specific timings. Make this more fun by rewarding them with stars or their favorite snacks if they stick to their diet timetable with dedication. An important thing to avoid is to be too strict about their timings. Being flexible once a way or letting loose would do no harm. But do not make that a habit.
It is also a good option to consult their pediatrician regarding your child’s diet. Do not come to your own conclusions regarding his/her weight. Getting a consultation or recommendation is always a good thing.

It does get difficult to help kids with their eating in this world of a variety of foods. As they say, it all starts at home. Teach them at that young age how to be smart about the food they eat, what is the right food for them to eat and this will surely help them in learning lessons all about healthy eating habits and a healthier lifestyle for a lifetime.


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