Invisible braces porcelain

Invisible braces porcelain


Since the use of Invisible braces has stormed the dentistry world, every orthodontist has resorted to the practice of treating patients with the same. It has literally become a game-changer for each and every dental practitioner in today’s world. 

Our very own Dr. Jignesh Kothari, head orthodontist of the best dental clinic in Mumbai, has treated infinite number of patients for invisible braces. These braces offer a different form of aesthetics and appearance thus making it more appealing and comfortable for the patient. 

Invisible braces are regarded as an excellent choice when it comes to the straightening of teeth without anyone noticing it.  

Having to deal with unattractive wires and brackets is no longer needed when something like invisible braces is an alternative that is barely visible and highly recommended by dentists. The cosmetic dentistry procedure is the same for traditional braces however, the materials used are different. While traditional makes use of wires and brackets, invisible uses clear materials. 

In invisible braces, instead of a metallic material, clear brackets made out of porcelain are used. These brackets are then tinted in order to match your natural tooth color. The real reason that these braces go unnoticed is because of the clear elastics that are used along with the archwire that will be white in color so it isn’t noticeable. 

A slight disadvantage is that the porcelain brackets can get stained over a period of time. But these are made in a way that they are non-porous.  Although the elastic may turn yellowish over a period of time but is replaced with a new one when you visit your orthodontist for an appointment. 

Invisible braces improve self-esteem and help build one’s physical confidence due to their low visibility. This treatment is discreet in nature as the focus isn’t on their smile rather than on their braces. They are usually designed for adults and young teens with dental issues but not recommended for kids and those with milk teeth. 

Usually, when kids and young children suffer from orthodontic issues at that young age, Dr. Jignesh Kothari advises them to undergo traditional metal braces with brackets/wires for the front teeth. But that is only after he or a fellow dentist from Invisible Braces, best dental clinic in Mumbai studies the patient’s case. 

In the end, it entirely depends on the teeth structure and few other factors like health and hygiene that count towards becoming a candidate for these braces. 

Besides invisible braces, another alternative is a treatment known as Invisalign consisting of clear trays that need to be worn daily for 20-22hours a day on a compulsory basis. That is when the actual results shall be seen, faster. 

What are invisible braces used to treat?

Invisible braces are used to treat:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbites 
  • Crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Crooked teeth

However, certain dental issues like some misalignment cases and even certain bite issues that are quite complex can’t be resolved by invisible braces but need to be corrected by traditional braces only.

Unlike Invisalign, invisible braces cannot be taken out or removed for eating, drinking or flossing. An advantage with these braces is that many teens and young adults don’t have to remember each time to put the braces back into their mouth. With Invisalign, many tend to forget, even for a day thus hampering its regularity during the ongoing treatment to reach the ultimate goal and get desired results. 

Dental hygiene can get tricky to maintain with invisible braces. One must be dedicated in cleaning and brushing, also flossing in the areas that can be reached easily to prevent plaque and decay. Doctor will guide you on how to brush and floss in a way so that you don’t develop cavities. 

Since invisible braces are not removable, one must avoid biting hard and sticky foods so that the braces don’t break. 

Invisible braces are typically cheaper and Dr. Jignesh Kothari always asks the patient to visit the clinic for periodic checkups. In this way, doctor follows up with your progress and checks your teeth for any extra problems that might arise. He will also check or any hidden decays or cavities. 

If you are interested in opting for invisible braces, speak with our expert team of orthodontists in Mumbai today!

If you don’t have a specific dentist to go to, we are here to help you. 

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