Invisible braces for kids

Invisible Braces for Kids


When it comes to a kid’s teeth, parents have this notion it will grow and take shape on its own once milk teeth fall off. But after it happens, not every child is lucky that their teeth will be aligned in a straight manner.

The best way to get your child’s teeth aligned is considering the cosmetic dentistry treatment of Invisible Braces.

Why is this considered the best treatment for alignment of kid’s teeth?

It is because these braces are invisible and go unnoticed.

Your child’s teeth can get misaligned due to many reasons like:

  • Bad childhood habits like sucking their thumb, heavy breathing from the mouth
  • Misaligned jaw since birth
  • Heredity, if the parents have had a past history of crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Poor oral health
  • In rare cases, it can occur in case of an accident or even a facial injury

Having misaligned teeth causes complications thus affecting your child’s life. It messes with their chewing ability and may even cause pain while eating. It also prevents them from brushing or flossing properly further leading to decays, other dental problems and overall poor dental hygiene. This can cause periodontal disease (severe infection damaging the bones and teeth) at an early age.

Besides, having such teeth can demotivate them and discourage them from smiling. He/she may even shy away from others to hide their crooked teeth eventually wanting to hide themselves from their friends.

When kids have healthy and straight teeth from a small age, it is easy for them to clean by brushing and taking out all plaque. They also feel confident, smile well and improve social relations with others.

Invisible braces for kids are designed in a way to fit their small mouths. They can be customized for their teeth that are in a stage between being baby teeth and becoming adult teeth. These braces are made in a way that will shift their teeth slowly into the right position. They even help to treat other orthodontic issues that are common like overcrowding, under bites, overbites and teeth gaps.

How will I know if my child is a candidate for invisible braces?

This is something your orthodontist will decide at your child’s first consultation.

The only thing that needs dedication is wearing the aligners for 20-22hours daily. Forgetting to put the aligners back in their mouth will cause the treatment to get prolonged for a longer time (12months is the expected time for treatment) than discussed. Make sure to clean the clear aligners every night with a mild toothpaste and lukewarm water.

At times, your child may remove the aligners and misplace it. When this happens, we offer replacement aligners at a lesser cost. So you can always notify us if and when this happens.

Knowing that it is easily removable and calls for lesser appointments along with no dietary restrictions makes it the best option for kids. Now, this is something ceramic braces won’t allow your child to do.

They can even wear the aligners while playing sports or if they are a part of a band. Now, this is something metal/ceramic braces won’t allow your child to do.

The level of pain/discomfort experienced with invisible braces is almost zero to none. There is zero risk of mouth injury unlike in metal braces which can cut or cause painful sores.

Every kid’s smile grows as they grow. For children aged 6-10, their teeth get start getting stronger. With that, they also start developing dental problems. Hence, this is a good age bracket for them to get these braces.

By treating them this early, their permanent teeth that starts growing now won’t develop complex issues, especially regarding alignment in the future.

Now no tension of anyone labeling your child as ‘Brace Face’, simply because of braces he/she is wearing. With invisible braces being the foundation for their baby teeth to grow in a proper manner, it will make your child’s life much easier and comfortable. It will avoid anxiety that they would experience with metal braces.

Your child can also smile confidently helping boost his/her confidence and self-esteem. And this can only be achieved via invisible braces for kids where no metal wires or ugly braces are visible. There is absolutely no discomfort regarding these braces unlike in metal ones where the wires can rub and poke the gums.

In the end, we want our kids to be healthy, happy and see them progress confidently. If everything is good with their health, it is a good sign. Invisible braces will no longer make them feel conscious and what better way, than these braces to get their teeth straight.

Now that you are aware about what cosmetic dentistry treatment suits your child’s needs, all you have to do is take an appointment with us today at Invisible Braces clinic in Mumbai.

Your child’s teeth are safe in your hands and we will provide them with a smile that will last them a lifetime.


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