Invisible Braces For Adults

Invisible braces for adults

In this day and age, we are all looking for ways that help make our lives easier. New technology has helped us in so many ways which we could never have even imagined. With new inventions and methods of comfort on the rise, new developments are even seen in the field of dentistry. This is true even for braces. A new, handy and convenient form of braces has successfully replaced the old traditional braces. These new braces are called Invisible braces.

Invisible braces are making a difference to many in today’s time. It is called invisible because it is really invisible. It is almost as if it cannot be seen while one wears it. In this fast pace life of ours today, adults are really stressed when it comes to their job, finance, home, children and a lot more. Time is quite less on their hands. And If they need to align their teeth at that age, what other better option than Invisible braces for adults or clear aligners?

Many adults are seeing the benefits of clear braces. Do not regret if you missed the chance of getting braces when you were a teen or a child. Nowadays, the best and efficient methods of braces are available. That is why the number of adults getting them is on the rise. Usually, childhood is said to be the right time to make changes if teeth are misaligned or in case of malocclusion but research tells us that due to innovations in the dentistry field a higher percentage of adults, aged20-40years are undergoing such dental treatments. These are much more comfortable and secure with orthodontic care. Invisible braces for adults has taken away the stigma of attachment of the metallic wires in the mouth.

Adults see this as a good option for reasons such as:

  • Its discreet when wearing it which helps specially during meetings and parties.
  • It is easy to take it off making it very convenient and time-saving.
  • The results are quick and fast effective.
  • Very comfortable for all the 22hours you need to wear them for and it feels like as if you are not wearing anything in your mouth.
  • It is very easy to clean them whenever you have to.
  • There is no poking in your gums or cheeks.
  • Eating meals is not an issue.
  • It ensures precision in the movement of your teeth.
  • The amount spent in restorations is much lesser.
  • They do not wear off or get cloudy since they are made of special material.

Invisible braces for adults helped in two major ways. One being, helping the patient gain that confidence from better-looking teeth and second being an improvement in oral health because of properly aligned teeth. Teeth that are in proper alignment are easier to clean and also gather less plaque. With the right flossing and brushing techniques, the risks of getting any periodontal diseases is low. This is especially the case with the amount of stress placed on the jaw. Teeth that aren’t aligned properly or those that are crowded tend to put more pressure onto the jaw leading to further issues. Straighter teeth not only help to obtain a healthy mouth but also leads to a healthier body.

The teeth a human being has would neatly line up exactly like the keys on a piano. But that is not the case with everyone. As an adult, your bones have ceased to grow further. But this doesn’t mean that the treatment you are undergoing will take a longer time. With latest technology, these days, treatment for adults takes less than a year in many cases.

It is never too late to undergo any kind of orthodontic treatment especially a treatment like invisible braces. With the right treatment plan designed by your orthodontist for you, age is hardly a factor to be considered.

There are many dental clinics in Mumbai that offer treatments for invisible braces. Invisible braces clinic in Mumbai offer a lot more than just invisible braces. They even offer other treatments like ceramic braces, implants, bonding, crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, etc. The clinics here offer good rates for different treatments and they are worth it. Invisible braces cost in Mumbai, also called Invisalign ranges from 1-4lacs. But that depends on the complexity of the case of the patient as well as how many aligners will he/she need. Payments can be made in installments. Cheapest invisible braces will itself cost you around 1lac. But then that again depends on the complexity of it. Though it is expensive, one should remember that it is a one-time and a lifetime investment.



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