How Clear Aligners Get The Best Smile

Clear Aligners

Having a great smile gives you the confidence to present yourself at the best but that isn’t possible for everyone and it requires correction, that is when people started opting for braces to get the best smile to flaunt. Clear aligners have been a huge success in the field of braces.

Aligners are considered to be a comfortable and safe option but certain things are to be considered and keep in mind which your orthodontist advises. Clear aligners treatment must be done under the complete supervision of the orthodontist. 

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are the transparent trays, plastic made which is used to straighten teeth just like the braces. Aligners use constant and gentle pressure to move the teeth in the required position without the stress and the hassle of the metal wires and brackets. It is custom-made with the help of a digital scan.

Aligners are customized for every patient and the designing is done in such a manner wherein teeth moves in the desired direction slowly this is been done by capturing the impression, processing the details with the help of special software for good results, and straight teeth are been computed and the milling machine automatically customizes the set of trays. 

For complete alignment of the teeth, a person needs approximately 25-40 sets of trays. These aligners are snugly fitted which over time becomes a part of our body causing no speech problems as well as no restrictions on eating and drinking any food as you can easily remove the trays before every meal.

How long does the treatment last? 

Treatment depends on how many teeth are to be moved or rotated, more your bite is off or the more the teeth are crooked it will take a longer time. The treatment usually lasts between 10 to 24 months but if the treatment was done while you were a child then your teeth will be shifted slightly over the years as an adult and hence you may need the clear aligners for at least 10 weeks.

Why use clear aligners instead of braces? 

Clear aligners have many benefits compared to braces. The first and the important thing is with clear aligners the braces aren’t seen as they are made up of plastic which is transparent whereas braces are full of wires and brackets which are immediately seen once you open the mouth. 

Aligners are removed for brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking beverages whereas with the braces it isn’t possible as they are fitted in the mouth with wires and brackets and cannot be removed until the treatment is completed. Aligners allow maintaining oral health care hygiene very easily but it isn’t possible with the braces. Aligners fit into the mouth comfortably as they are customized whereas braces may cause abrasion.

Care of aligners

Aligners are considered to be the safest option where orthodontist gives the set of guidelines that should be followed: 

  • Aligners must be worn at least 20 hours a day for effective results. 
  • Remove the aligners for brushing, flossing, and eating specifically when you are consuming anything hot. 
  • Keep the aligners clean and when you brush the teeth make sure to brush in the same way.
  • Keep it in a safe box given by the orthodontist to prevent it from getting dirty. 


  • Once your teeth are straightened it doesn’t mean they will stay the same throughout. The orthodontist may advise for the retainers which will prevent the teeth to shift back to their previous location.
  • Teeth may become sensitive after the treatment therefore your orthodontist may advise not consuming crunch foods for a few days. Later you can get back to your favorite stuff.
  • Always maintain the habit of brushing the teeth and flossing twice a day to keep the teeth clean and healthy or else no proper oral health care hygiene may lead the treatment to go in vain.
  • Make sure to visit the dentist after every 6 months to ensure the smile remains intact as avoiding the visit to the dentist may lead to other dental issues. 

Cost of aligners 

The cost of clear aligner treatment depends on the alignment of the teeth, the orthodontist you select, and the other factors which are assessed by the dentist with the full scan of the mouth. The cost may vary determined on the criteria such as intricacy of the case, number of changes required, and the aligners used for treatment.


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