Eating habits for teens

Eating habits for teens

The teenage phase occurs when the individual has completed his childhood and is now moving onto becoming an adult. This phase is quite crucial since whatever habits and lifestyle they adopt during this time will help them in the long run in being better adults and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Due to outer factors like peer pressure, advertisements, and commercials, a teen’s mind tends to wander, and that even goes to the extent of his eating habits. An interest in outside food nowadays comes at a very young age and continues till a later stage in life. The foods available outside are full of calories and fat and even have high levels of certain ingredients harmful to health. Teens especially should realize the damage it can cause to their body and opt for healthier food options.

As a part of their diet, there are plenty of tips to keep in mind in order to ensure that they start indulging in healthy foods and style at that very young age.

Their snacks should be healthy. Avoid bringing packet food or processed food. Invest in making home-made snacks for them. Decrease the use of salt as much as possible. Drinking plenty of water will aid not only in better digestion but also help in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Avoid a high level of sugary drinks like beverages and even fruit juices. Bake or boil the foods instead of frying. Chicken and fish are healthy. They are rich in protein which is good for the body. Limit the intake of red meats.

Eating sprouts and dals often can rejuvenate their unhealthy lifestyle. There are almost 12 different varieties of pulses and sprouts that will help promote a healthy diet.

Fresh fruits are also one of the main foods that help build a healthy body. Every fruit has its own season. So it is a good choice to indulge in the fruit which is of that season. For example, during the month of November, oranges that are rich in Vitamin C are a good option to eat, especially for one’s gums. Fibrous fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots are self-cleansing mechanisms.

Dry fruits, which we usually refer to as nuts that include almonds, cashew nuts, dates, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, prunes, apricots are equally good for health. At least a handful of nuts daily is a good healthy eating option. Every teenage should have a handful of cashews everyday which help their growth in different ways like helping with mood swings, prevents high levels of B6, etc. A handful of peanuts also helps growing teens with aches and pains. Nuts in general are good in fiber, rich in Vitamin B and also great in taste. They make a good snack for growing teens and kids alike who are constantly hungry instead of chips and biscuits. That would be a much healthier choice.

A bowl of yogurt (curd) or even a full glass of buttermilk is a good choice, also a must for every growing child along with cheese and milk which is full of calcium and protein. Such dairy products help children gain a healthy body as well as healthy teeth.

Eating unhealthy starts from a packet. Any foodstuff which comes in a packet or in a can is termed as unhealthy or junk food. Examples of junk food are chips, cookies, cola, burgers, fries, pasta, noodles and plenty more. There is a weird concept that taking out the sugar or the fat or fried portion and only eating the healthy portion of the junk food will not term it as junk. This is completely wrong thinking since no matter what you take out, it will not turn healthy. It will still remain the same junk food you plan on indulging in. Even substituting the part of the junk food with healthy food won’t make it any less healthy.

Junk food leads to obesity which is a serious health concern. Obesity in teens and children not only is a cause for embarrassment but also is a start to an unhealthy lifestyle. According to research, parents who don’t allow kids to eat junk food save them from serious metabolic diseases in the future like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Make sure to say NO to all kinds of packages and processed foods.

However, certain foods made once a year for certain festivals like sweets made for Diwali are homemade even though they may be made from sugar, they are still healthy. They should be consumed within the days of the festival which gives it more importance and it tastes better.

Aim for a balanced diet, keeping it healthy almost all the time. Make sure that they do not overeat or binge. Keeping time gaps between meals and snacks is essential. Healthy eating habits at this tender age will shape them up for a better adult life ahead.

They should not skip breakfast. They need those extra nutrients for their organ and tissue development, to help support bone growth, and since during this age they undergo bodily changes, a good and healthy diet will help with the hormonal changes taking place during this time.

Along with eating habits, physical exercise is equally important. With the right balanced diet, enough water, and exercise, a teen will progress better in mind as well. His concentration level will be stable and he will be able to focus better. It will also help him stay away from diseases and will pave way for a better future.

It is a good idea to incorporate all these healthy foods into exciting recipes that children and teens would prefer eating at home rather than from outside.

So if your teen has an unbalanced or unhealthy lifestyle, as a parent make sure to change it today. It’s not too late yet. Bring in the right changes at this age and watch your child grow into a fine adult.


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