Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure in Mumbai

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure in Mumbai

The most popular and established dental procedure in cosmetic dentistry today, along with Invisalign is Dental Implants. After all these years coupled with advancements in the field of dentistry, dental implants have honored the title of number one dentistry procedure for fixing broken teeth. This gives patients a natural smile and looks thus boosting their overall self-confidence.

This procedure is done when one or many teeth are missing for various reasons and are substituted by teeth-like materials that pose as a permanent attachment to the gums. They are similar to dentures but aren’t removable as they are directly fixed into the gums.

They can be taken out only under the guidance of a dentist. Dental implants are made from a material that is highly tolerated by the human body, namely titanium or porcelain. Patients have been using this cosmetic dental procedure for three decades now.

Mostly, those people who have lost teeth in an accident or injury or even because of disease undergo the implant procedure. This is a good option if you want a natural smile or natural-looking teeth, something that won’t be fulfilled by dentures. In short, people who want to take out their teeth due to other reasons like injuries or even because of misalignment at times, opt for dental implants. But for that, your natural teeth are taken out first before the implants are fixed in place.

This procedure can get a bit complicated and the dentist may use anesthesia. Dental implants are carried out only by professional and well-trained cosmetic dentists. In the orthodontics field, dental implants are termed effective. They help to eliminate the complications that arise in wearing other orthodontic fixations.

Are dental implants considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

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As these are made solely to fix your missing teeth, they are regarded as cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening and even Invisalign. Although they work for different teeth purposes, they are the best-chosen method of filing in for missing teeth that you might have lost to gum disease or tooth decay. Dental implants have more of an elective nature that is they are not essential or restorative like dental crowns.

They are similar to veneers, another elective form of cosmetic dentistry procedure. Implants are fixed only when the need arises or when the situation demands example when the front tooth is lost due to an accident thus spoiling the smile of the individual. It’s not required otherwise.

But not everyone is fit for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. The dentist will do an examination and take x-rays. Based on the
results, you will be informed if you are fit for implants. Good bony structure and overall dental and oral hygiene are essential if
one is planning to get implants.

Other health queries are discussed regarding your previous dental health or any current medications to not hamper the implant procedure. Although bridges and dentures carry out an equally similar function of restoring missing teeth, they fall in the same elective category of implants.

In comparison, dental implants function the same, but at a much higher cost. There are two types of dental implants namely Endosteal and Subperiosteal implants. While Endosteal makes use of cylinders, screws, or blades Subperiosteal uses a metal framework. The former places the implant right into the jawbone while the latter fixes it on top of the jawbone.

Endosteal is more prevalent and used as an alternative when the patient already has dentures (removable) or bridges (existing).

Subperiosteal, on the other hand, juts out through the gum holding the new teeth. This works best in cases for those who have a minimum bone height. These implants work for those who cannot wear removable dentures. They act like dental prosthetics and have a plethora of cosmetic benefits. this makes them a better proxy for dental bridges and dentures.

Implants give a completely natural look to the teeth as they contain porcelain allowing them to replicate the shape, size, and color just like your natural teeth. The added advantages of using porcelain in this cosmetic dentistry procedure are that it is stain resistant and is lifelong. They also help in improving the life span and overall physical condition of the jaw structure thus helping prevent bone loss. In simple words, dental implants are quite expensive than the normal denture procedure which enlists it as a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

It is advisable to pay a little more money for a better quality of implants rather than opting for cheaper implants that can cause harm to your dental health ahead in life. Implants are cosmetic and hence they are expensive and worth the price.

There is no better way to replace a single tooth or many missing teeth other than dental implants. If you don’t feel confident because you have missing teeth or if you already have dentures but they are making you feel uncomfortable, then you can consult us at Invisible Braces and Dr. Jignesh Kothari will attend to your denture issue. Under his guidance, our other dental experts are aces in this form of cosmetic dentistry thus offering the best results. We don’t compromise quality over cost and ensure that we use the best implants worth the money rather than cheap implants. Book an appointment with us today!

Feel confident and smile proudly as you allow the dentures to pave way for your comfort and confidence.


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