Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces


There are many orthodontic treatments like Invisalign, clear aligners, dental implants that help to straighten one’s teeth which beautifies your smile. But getting braces can be quite apprehensive. Not many patients are happy with having metal brackets or wires when they smile during their treatment, even if it for a short time span.

So if you are searching for an orthodontic option that isn’t quite visible to the opposite person’s eye along with not being quite expensive on the pocket, then you have come to the right place. Here at Dr. Jignesh Kothari’s best dental clinic in Mumbai, let us introduce you to the cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps with teeth straightening method with best results which goes by the name – ‘ceramic braces’.

ceramic bracesCeramic braces & lingual technique have almost a similar concept just like their visible counterparts.

Also widely known as clear braces these braces have brackets, wires or bands and ligatures that consist of a clear plastic or a tooth-colored ceramic tint. They don’t make use of any metal or grey colored wires.

What exactly does ceramic braces do?

Ceramic braces help straighten teeth and fix bite issues. The ceramic used in the braces isn’t very harsh. This makes these braces less painful thus causing very little to zero discomfort, especially on the gums and cheeks.

A good time to undergo ceramic braces is when all of your permanent teeth have emerged, meaning that no teeth of yours is left to grow. It helps with lesser chances of bracket breakage due to movement of the teeth into position and also quicker assemblage of the teeth in position.

They also come in different colors unlike in metal braces where the color is a standard grey or shiny metallic silver.

As far the durability is concerned, people do get skeptical on how durable are these braces. They tend to think that ceramic braces won’t last throughout the entire treatment duration. But much to everyone’s surprise, having ceramic braces is indeed a blessing since these braces are able to withstand the gentle pressure and don’t suffer from damage easily. They will last throughout the entire duration of your orthodontic treatment.

All said about the good side of this cosmetic dentistry treatment, let us also inform you that ceramic braces do stain the teeth to a certain extent. Foods that can stain these braces easily are tomatoes, wine, coffee, tea, soda, even ketchup sauce and mustard sauce. Hence, be wary of such foods since these braces need to be taken care of a little extra.

Avoid decaying of teeth during your ceramic braces treatment by brushing after every meal. You can even choose to rinse or floss the corners to take out any food that is stuck.

Smoking needs to be completely stopped if you choose to get this dental treatment because if stained, they get quite difficult to remove.

Avoid using whitening toothpaste to clean these braces since the whitening in the paste can cause the exposed part of the tooth surface to turn extra white than the tooth below it.

What makes these braces different from the rest?

Although the orthodontic treatment procedure is virtually the same as that of metal or traditional braces, they have lesser visibility and don’t attract a lot of attention. Hence, mostly adults and teens are the audience who choose ceramic braces since they prefer that the people they interact with not know they are wearing braces.

These braces also work great for those individuals like models who get photoshoots done on a regular basis or those who have to attend a function whilst having braces attached.

They help by hiding any embarrassment one might face from metal traditional braces thanks to their zero visibility factor. The ceramic tint makes it difficult to notice from a long distance. This has helped people all over to have braces, straighten their teeth and not have anyone notice that they ever had braces to get the job done.

This dental treatment time in total takes around 18-36months to get your teeth in exact desired position.

Are they more expensive than other orthodontic treatments?

In comparison to Invisalign, ceramic braces are less expensive. But they are much costlier than metal braces. So one needs to weigh the pros and cons and decide on whether ceramic braces fit their plan/budget or not.

If one gets ceramic braces, then one needs to be prepared for regular dental appointments. This is necessary to make adjustments to the wires and brackets that exert a gentle amount of pressure to shift the teeth to the required position.

Now that you are aware about the basics of ceramic braces, coming to a decision on getting them is easier.

So come and consult with us regarding ceramic braces and get our expert opinion on it.

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