Ceramic Braces & Lingual Technique

Ceramic Braces & Lingual Technique


Nowadays, it is very easy to treat any kind of teeth issue. And that is only because of the various orthodontic treatment options that are available today, for both the young and the elderly. With many options at hand, it can get quite overwhelming since not everyone can be deemed fit or eligible for any given type of treatment.

When it comes to the type of treatment you need to undergo for the dental problem you are facing, every case is different. Most patients would always prefer a treatment that is comfortable and worth it, be it ceramic braces or the lingual braces technique.

Taking into consideration on how beneficial both these types of braces are, there are major differences between the two. So what is the best option? Just like traditional braces and Invisalign, let’s throw some light on ceramic braces and lingual braces technique.

When it comes to wearing braces, everyone does get a bit conscious as they either feel embarrassed or get worried about how they are going to look in front of the others. Hence, the two available options namely, ceramic braces and lingual braces are here for you.
Both these types of braces are effective in their own way with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Ceramic braces

Also called clear braces, ceramic braces have the same concept just like their visible counterparts. But in these braces, the brackets have a clear plastic or a tooth-colored ceramic tint to it and don’t use any metal or white colored wires.

These have a less visibility and don’t attract much attention. Hence, mostly adults are the ones who choose ceramic braces.
These braces also work great for those individuals like models who do photoshoots as they get photographed regularly or those who have to attend a function whilst having braces attached.

Lingual braces technique

This technique makes use of braces that are a bit different from the ceramic ones. They carry out the same function just like ceramic braces or metal ones but their placement is different. The braces are fitted on the insides of the teeth i.e. to the back side of the teeth.

These braces are fine if they don’t have a tooth-colored tint because they are behind and not visible like the ones placed at the front.
Invisalign is just like a lingual technique. Both are invisible but the only difference is that in Invisalign, the braces are still in the front of the teeth while in lingual, they are behind. This makes the lingual braces technique one of the most invisible orthodontic cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Ceramic braces and lingual techniques both carry out the same job of aligning teeth in the required position. They work in the same way to bring the teeth by moving them into a final position within the jaw helping to solve many bite issues. Taking a decision to get braces attached shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once upon a time, in the olden days, patients didn’t have a wide array of choices when it came to such dental treatments. But times have changed and now with advancements in technology and updated innovations, patients are provided with plenty of options for all kinds of dental treatments.

Both, ceramic braces and lingual technique have their own roles to play in today’s world of orthodontics treatment. They are effective, long-lasting and get the work done in the most hygienic and efficient manner. As the time arrives to make a choice between ceramic braces and lingual technique, your orthodontist will assist you with the required treatment and he will help plan it from the start. The process may take some time and needs careful introspection and consideration of many factors that need to be taken into account. It is a completely subjective and combined decision.

Suppose the patient is quite conscious about their appearance or if it a cause for concern, then the best and most discrete solutions are both, ceramic and lingual in comparison to metal braces. The decision is entirely on the individual and his/her orthodontist to set things right and get treated at once for any kind of dental issue they are facing. Keeping the pros and cons in mind along with the cost, an informed decision will be taken based on your lifestyle.


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