Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry and implants

Cosmetic dentistry is a very common thing today as people do not compromise on their smiles and get it corrected. Advanced cosmetic dentistry involves multiple types depending on the position of the teeth and the gums covering all the factors to get the best smile.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners, also called invisible braces are a type of braces that use two things, namely a clear tray of aligners and which are made up of Invisalign’s blend of plastic that is set onto the molds of your mouth. These braces use aligner trays that need to be replaced every 1-2 weeks. Each tray used will be different as it is specially designed for moving and shifting your teeth gently to the required position without any bickering regarding brackets and metal wires.

These clear aligners are custom made with a digital scan. All together around 25-40 sets are needed to get a complete alignment. You need to wear it for 20-22hours daily and the best part about these is that you can easily take them off for eating, brushing, and flossing. It is recommended that they be worn full time during the day and night. One should avoid removing it while sleeping too. Invisalign is considered the top method to get your teeth aligned according to the shape of your mouth and jaw. This process also proves far better results than the normal or traditional braces.

Lingual Technique

These are braces that involve a procedure on the inner sides of the teeth. These braces have a major advantage as they possess clear invisibility compared to the others. The procedure is delicate and also time-consuming since these are fixed to the back of the teeth. This technique helps correct bite issues and has an advantage as it can be customized according to preference that can help increase efficiency and comfort. These lingual brackets are smaller and smoother, the reason being you might experience pain when these brackets touch the soft tissues in your mouth.


Braces are a famous term worldwide. Everyone is aware of the real use of braces. Braces are used to correct alignment issues in the mouth with gentle pressure as with time it moves the teeth perfectly into the proper position.

Braces are needed when the bite problem starts, that is, when the teeth are not in proper alignment when the mouth is closed. It is called an open bite; crowding of teeth is when teeth are huddled or compact together making it hard to clean in between two teeth, too much extra space between teeth is also an issue when the lower front teeth jab into the palate which is called deep bite; when the lower front teeth are in front of the upper teeth when you shut the jaws which are called an underbite.

These issues need not be a cause of worry. They can be solved with the help of braces. There are different types of braces like Invisalign, clear braces, metal braces, and ceramic braces to choose from depending on the issue you are facing.

Metal Braces

These braces hold onto the teeth permanently till the end of the treatment. The wires are tightened during the treatment helping the teeth to shift. Metal braces have restrictions on certain foods and drinks. The period taken for these braces is at least 3-4years depending on how long the treatment takes to cure.

Clear Braces

These are made of clear plastic, ceramic, or porcelain and cannot be seen by anyone around you. These permanently adhere to the teeth and the orthodontist takes them off at the end of this treatment. During the procedure, the wires are tightened to help the teeth to shift.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are just like metal braces, only thing is that these braces are smaller, clearer, and less noticeable. These are good if you tend to have tooth-colored braces that easily blend into your teeth. Although these braces are made up of clear ceramic material, the metal archwire will still be visible along the outside of the teeth.

These braces call for easy removal post-treatment and the chances of the tooth enamel remaining demineralized are less. You need to wear it 24/7. These are more comfortable than traditional braces despite the metal wire. There is no discomfort either any irritation to the gums and these do not even stain easily. Oral hygiene for these braces is a must. If not taken care of properly, major food and drink stains could be visible.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants

Cosmetic dentistry and implants help improve dental aesthetics in the shape, size, color, position, and alignment focusing on improving the overall appearance of the teeth and mouth, and even your smile.

The implants do the job of replacing a tooth or teeth in places where there exists a tooth/teeth loss. A small screw is inserted right in the jaw where the tooth is missing giving support to the crown. Their position is secured into place permanently and you can’t tell the difference from the natural teeth that surround it.


Tooth bonding is used for chipped, cracked, or teeth that have become discolored wherein composite resin matching the tooth color is used to repair the damage. The surface of the tooth is roughened after which the liquid is applied to allow the bonding agent to stick onto the tooth which hardens the material with the help of ultraviolet light.


Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain laminates directly bonded onto the teeth with the help of a dental adhesive. Veneers are used to close gaps, enhance shape, and change the color of the teeth which usually fails to respond to a whitening process. This process helps solve cosmetic problems like damaged enamel and on the whole, looks extremely real.


Also called teeth bleaching, this is one of the most common procedures done by many people across the world. Whitening is done to clean any plaque, tartar, or other debris on the surface of the teeth giving it a natural look. Laser whitening is said to be 6times more effective in comparison to other procedures as the gums are shielded with a rubber dam while a bleaching chemical is applied onto the teeth.


Crowns are caps in a tooth shape that are placed onto a damaged or weak tooth to its overall health and appearance lasting for 5-15years. They are made of metal or porcelain fixed to ceramic. The existing tooth is filed down and the crown is cemented on top of it covering the tooth fully.


Bridges are used to help replace a single tooth or many teeth if missing. They consist of three teeth in total and once fixed cannot be removed. They act like anchoring teeth on either side of the space formed by the missing tooth/teeth. Once fixed, these bridges are really strong and they look natural too.


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