Welcome to the world of aesthetic othodontics & advanced dentistry

Our professional team led by Dr. Kothari, believes in providing convenient, comfortable and safe dental & orthodontic care to every patient we treat.

Not only we make your teeth healthy, we educate you too! We offer a full range of aesthetic orthodontic & advance cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as Invisible braces/lingual braces, clear aligners, ceramic braces, bonding, crowns, dental implants and teeth veneers, bridges, and teeth whitening designed to give you the dazzling, healthy smile of your dreams.

  • Patient Testimonials

    I had braces before but my smile and bite was not right,I did not know what to do, until my dentist recommended Dr.Jignesh Kothari , I think he is a star and lingual braces rock, I had never imagined that such a change was possible without anybody knowing that I was wearing braces, infact I did entire movies with them and it was just no problem at all.

    - by Anjana Sukhani, Actor
  • Patient Testimonials

    In a profession like mine where it is important to look good all the time, this was a boon,since I could socialize and continue my work without being embarrassed of having braces. I visited Dr.Kothari's office where he explained about the new system and its benefits, today I am glad about my decision since I have a perfect set of teeth and a great smile thanks to doc

    - by Nihaar Pandya
  • Patient Testimonials

    I had the privilege of getting solution from you for my persisting and nagging problem, which many doctors advised not feasible considering the nature of the problem and age. The treatment has improved my self confidence and self-esteem tremendously. This has helped in all areas of my life; my health, my family and my profession. I am able to perform my duties with much more confidence and ease.

    - by Mr Vimalan - CEO SRC Projects Pvt ltd
  • Patient Testimonials

    I am a performer and the only thing I was not sure was my teeth. but that was some months ago, today my greatest weakness is my strength. Thank you Dr.Kothari.You have made me a better performer & you are the only person who I shall ever say that too because you truly are a magician.

    - by Anshuman Jha - Actor